On-a-budget, yet classy ways to decorate plain vases

If you have a defined decorating style you want to adopt for your house, but you don’t find the necessary decorating items, you can opt for some basic, plain white objects that you can turn into something special that would perfectly match with the rest of your furniture. If you want to know how to make some plain white vases look classy, without spending too much money, consider these useful tips below.

Ribbons – the missing element

The Ribbon Room is only one good example of online stores where you can find a range of top quality ribbons. You can use these pieces of material in a variety of ways, including in decorating flower vases. All you have to do in this case is to decide on the types of ribbons to use – consider the fabric, the colour, the design and the size. Make sure the newly vase mingles perfectly with the rest of your décor.

Masking tape

Another way you can turn boring flower vases into extravagant ones is by using masking tape. Grab different types of such tape from one of the craft stores in your region and let your imagination run wild. You can either opt for a funky design or go for something simple, yet elegant.

Doilies – the vintage touch

If you are in love with the vintage style, then doilies would make for the perfect choice when it comes to decorating boring flower vases. The great advantage of utilizing doilies is that they are extremely versatile and flexible. You can create some old-age ethos, as well as texture to your mantle or side table. Use a hot glue gun and a doily that is big enough to cover your vase.

Unused yarn – cheap, but elegant

It is for sure that you have some unused yarn somewhere in the house. Why throw it away when you can repurpose it and use it to decorate those white flower vases that you never liked anyway. You can give them a different touch with some colourful yarns simply by wrapping them up.

No “artistic” talent is required to be able to turn some plain vases into attractive decorating items. All these ideas would work. All you have to decide upon is what you like the most and what would best fit with your living room. Regardless of your choice, it is for sure that everyone will highly appreciate your creativity.