Decoration ideas for a splendid garden wedding

When you opt for an outdoor wedding and you choose the garden as a setting, then you have an array of possibilities when it comes to decorations. However, if you wish to keep it simple, use details to enhance the surroundings and transform your garden into a surreal location. Ribbon represents a simple and minimalist piece of decoration that you can use to customize any element at your wedding. In addition, it is cost-effective and easy to get because if you navigate on the internet you can find various websites that offer personalized wedding ribbon.

Bridal bouquet ideas and lighting

If you are going for a natural style, create your bouquet from light pink and white peonies, add some greenery and wrap it around with elegant lace ribbon. Another idea is to use roses in strong red color and white stargazer lilies, Irish green pieces of satin ribbon and pearls. It will definitely give your bouquet a luxurious feel. Actually, you have the freedom to combine any type of flowers you like. As long as you add a touch of green and tie them with a delicate ribbon, you will instantly obtain a stylish wedding bouquet. Candles are perfect for a warm atmosphere so you can place several vintage gold candleholders or transparent ones made of glass. They come in different shapes and models so you have various options from which to choose. Even more, you can decorate the trees or the fence with lights. In the evening, it will light up your wedding, literally.

Use the nature in your favor

Since we are talking about a garden, you can walk on an aisle made of natural flowers, positioned between the tables and chairs where the guests will be able to admire your dress and your splendid bouquet. Regarding the tables and chairs, you should definitely embellish them and you have the opportunity to put into practice many unique ideas. For instance, you can hang from each chair bottles or jars with flowers and water wrapped in purple or silver ribbon or you can tie flowers directly to the chairs using ribbon made out from a resilient material. If there are big trees around, you and your husband can make swings, enhance the rope with greenery and tie some colorful ribbons here and there. It will definitely add a playful feeling to the atmosphere, not to mention that the kids will love it.